After coaching hundreds of people through coding, behavioral, and product manager interviews, I’ve distilled some of my core advice into some handy prep sheets. Study these sheets before your interview. Really understand them. Email me questions if you have any. As you prepare for interviews, use these sheets. Walk through your next coding problem closely following […]

Justine Sacco made an offensive comment. But, frankly, the reaction to her comment is far more concerning. The internet hate machine — the explosion of tweets, blogs, articles, and inevitable rape and death threats — it’s too much. How long until the angry mobs result in someone being hurt or killed? Justine Sacco made a […]

I am thrilled to finally announce that Cracking the PM Interview: How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology is available for purchase! Cracking the PM Interview is my third book, and a follow-up to my earlier book (and Amazon’s #1 best-selling interview book), Cracking the Coding Interview. How many pizzas are delivered in […]

There’s a trend among start-ups (and some larger companies) that worries me: giving candidates “homework” assignments. Homework assignments lead to candidate abuse. Knock it off (or at least be reasonable). I’ve seen many friends and clients go through this. As a pre-screening round before an onsite interview, a company gives them a “homework” assignment. This […]