This week, I delivered two keynotes, both to middle school and high school girls interested in technology careers. The first one was for the Philadelphia area awards dinner for the Aspirations in Computing Award, and the second was for a wonderful event called Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology. I’ve printed my message below which addresses why everyone […]

Somehow, many candidates have gotten the impression that the interview process is some elaborate system, and if their process is different from their friend’s, it must be a reason for it. The truth is so much more straightforward than that, and once you get, everything will make sense. Or that’s my hope, anyway. Here’s how […]

UPDATE: Share this with your friends to improve your chances at winning a free copy! UPDATE 2: Raffle has completed! Thanks for playing Since everything is best in rhyming form, I will open this with a poem from an anonymous (and awesome) reader: If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the Amazon forest, Or pondered how […]